I woke up this morning homesick.

It’s not silly to pine for Sweden, our quiet little apartment and routines.  It’s a little silly to already miss Singapore though, since I’m still here.  Mum commented yesterday that planning for four kids means likely not travelling back to Singapore for the next 10 years.  I am absolutely not prepared for this trip to be the last in a decade!  Quickly I changed tune, perhaps two is enough.  Sure I’ll like a large family and I’ll definitely NOT regret it later in life… but my parents will be in their mid-seventies in a decade.  Not spending more time with them in this golden decade is…unacceptable.

Lol fancy agonizing over this barely in the first trimester of the first one.  Best to take things (and priorities) as they come.  If anything, I’m glad all bodes well at home and my parents are healthy and pretty content with life.


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