This brings to mind two related incidents that occurred today.

The first one at work, with two colleagues. We talked about the gypsy folk who have moved into the city last year and became beggars and squatters. Their jarring presence evokes much heated discussion, incl how to/who shd help them. One sees a full spectrum of reactions, generosity, wariness, xenophobia. Though I suspect no matter how helpful one is, no one wants squatters in their backyard.  How to help is a topic of contention.

The second one was back home in Rickleå. I chatted with a Swedish neighbour who was walking her dog. She confided in me she doesn’t like Christmas because she has lived in Stockholm and seen the poor and desolated at Christmas. She cannot bear the sight of celebration, stuffing one’s face with food when there are people who suffer out there. Christmas is depressing for her.
She had wanted to brew coffee and warm hot dogs and head out to distribute them during Christmas, but her partner disapproved and wanted her to celebrate like regular folk. She never got around to fulfill her dream and remains unhappy about the Christmas period today.

I have been thinking lately about why I want to reduce my work hours. I feel pressed to come up with a good reason, in order to persuade my supervisor.
The work I do is important, and it is also important that I get to work, to draw a wage.  I am grateful for my work, I remember how hard it was when I was unemployed.  Despite that, I think there is more one can do to contribute to society. In terms of diversity, I will like to contribute in more diverse ways.  I need as well, time to cultivate myself and my interests.  Work takes up all the time and energy I have, I’m chronically tired at work.  My mind is rarely crystal clear these days, I have found myself intentionally taking sweet foods (or frighteningly, at times unconsciously seeking them) in order to get an energy kick and to clear the clouds in my head.
I am a greedy person.  I want more out of life, which I am unable to get with full time work.  A full day’s work is more than 8 hours.  It is 2 hours of daily commuting.  It is organization of my non-work life components around work.  I have been greedily doing what I would like to do ( and could manage), and have overstretched my mind and body.  What if this is why I cannot yet successfully bear children?  I would much rather give up part of my pay.

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