My work contract is coming to a close at the end of August, what comes next?

These days I feel more and more dumbed down.  Working full time meant no time/energy for deep reading or reflection… didn’t matter if I was in Singapore or here.  I do a whole lot of stuff outside of work and got myself a year-routine now.  I have managed to stuff my year schedule full with yoga/studies, farm work and Christmas market sales.  What I will like now is to instead acquire more knowledge through reading and reflection on where I see myself wrt the future and my old age.  The lack of time to enrich and update myself makes me feel stupid and lost.

I need my time more than the pay/social life my job provides now.
I look forward to reduce work hours.
Use the spare time to do less: relax, unwind.
Next is to list reading/learning; catch up on reading.
Reflection: who am I, what is it that I’m looking for?
What is our vision, the two of us?  (that ties in with the world and our personal legacies)
Do we move on to our own farm, or shall we travel?


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