It weighed on my heart throughout the day that Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed away in the wee hours of this morning.

I thought he was omnipotent when I attended primary and secondary school.  In my early twenties, I still wondered what will become of Singapore if he were to leave.  During the recent 2 elections, I thought the generation gap had got to him.  His words no longer resonate with young Singaporeans.  Perhaps we were dreamers, we spoke with our feet off the ground.

Today a friend related his thoughts on the future of Singapore.  Perhaps the country will become more socialist and lose business investors.  Government policies may become more political and less practical, Singaporeans may eventually vote to join a neighbouring country (to stay viable).

I wasn’t aware that LKY was hospitalized and on life-support in the past weeks.  His death is still a shock to me, especially to the part of me that is still a child.  I grieve also for the many older Singaporeans who lived through the 60s, worked and fought hard to make a living.  LKY was a very important figure for them.  I think of my father, his childhood memories of LKY and early Singapore.

There is a time to celebrate progress, and a time to mourn change.


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