Saw this this morning.

Everyone creates given resources, it doesn’t take genius.

Time is a resource, so is health.  Well I suppose the lack of either would not stop creation anyway.  We know for a fact that depravity drives, craves for change and creation of better circumstance.

Going along the lines of nurturing a child, a human being:
I had the inclination to think that some level of formal education is fundamental. That is not necessarily true.  What is more helpful is a certain degree of guidance and protection from caretakers.  (Off-hand, restricted access to alcohol intake at early onset is best avoided, as like most drugs (medical or recreational).  Information and awareness not with-standing.)  How much should parents interfere?

It seems to me the fundamentals, or pre-requisite to creation is to grasp the principles of co-existence and equilibrium, in one’s (internal) emotional state, subjectivity vs objectivity  (external) interactions and relationships with other people, fact/logic and myth/bias.  To understand the tug of war between two polar ideals, parallels.

More than outright guidance and protection, caretakers spend more time in observation and care (ie. diapers, feeding).  I’m the sort who’ll love to jump in and correct/help, which would be quite interfering.  Instead nurturing seems more like a scientific experiment, much observation and reflection without much idea how it would all go despite having prepared oneself for the process.


Back to the video.

I believe people need to go to work less and have more time/freedom to create.  Human resource is valuable and has the greatest potential to bring about our next stage of transition on the level of consciousness and maturity as a species.  I mean unless your work is the passion you burn for, you probably don’t need to clock in those 8 hours, 5 days a week.

I mean, think about what you could be creating instead, and how that would energize you.


I think a lot about becoming a bigger person, figuratively.  To expand my aptitude for empathy, my ability to positively influence another person.  Positive is not limited to optimism.  In a truer sense, it is to liberate, and its definition is largely dependent on one’s original state of mind, making empathy precedence.  To be a mirror, a point of reflection for another, requires that I am well-reflected and well-balanced myself.  In this way, to be a bigger person (presence) requires me to have a smaller person (ego).  Funny!


When I first came to Sweden, I was curious about the country’s fame for creativity.  How do they become so?  Is it too late to find mine? I never thought I was creative, it was grievous that a part of me was dead.

Over time, it came back.  I found the time and inspiration.  I found outlets for creativity, it moved me to feel creativity breathing through myself, and to look back in my life and acknowledge my past moments of creation and the art I made, that they were forms of expression and were important.
To create, I needed to simmer and take it all in, be sure of myself and then let it roll out of my mind and my hands.


Winter is here and a good time to wind down.  Read all the books I wanted to read and pen down my wispy fleeting thoughts.

Over and out, swimming trout.


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