De Obekväma -Underbara Clara
(Documentary is narrated and subtitled in Swedish.)

Swedish blogger Wonderful Clara doesn’t believe in more jobs, more consumption and greater economic power.  She moved out to the countryside with her partner to create their own way of living.  They have a son, pigs, chickens and a widely-read blog.  Clara implores us to question consumption, to ask ourselves how little we really need to be content.  And whether it is such a bad idea to scale down in work hours, earn less pay and consume less.

She questioned CEO of Ullared (Sweden’s largest superstore and symbol of over-consumption) if he felt any anxiety/anguish about the climate.  He pointed out that the individual’s consumption is not his responsibility, his role is to sell as much as possible.

It’s sickening to hear folks remove their job scope from their responsibilities in society.  Is the conscience detached from the hands and consciousness we work through?  To spend a good part of one’s waking hours engrossed in out-selling your competition, because it is your goal, your job, your source of income (and probably pride.  This society looks down on down-scalers and part timers, esp if you are male).  To refuse to see one’s involvement in consumerism and its detrimental backlash on Earth and society, to work for money whilst blind to the work’s effects… This must be the quickest way to jade one’s spirit.  This is incidentally what drives consumption — it is a soothing salve to worn out spirits.

The amount of time and effort you put in to get the little money that you get by with, has to be at least something you believe whole-heartedly in.  Do you?

How much spare time do you have?  How much freedom do you have from work and consumption?
Have you wondered how little it takes for you to be satisfied?



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