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I am a thrift shopper and love to look for good ethical food at affordable prices.  I love trying out various natural plant-based oils and butters for the skin too!  Getting good stuff for a good price usually means a bulk order, and  so this blogger would then scramble to sell the excesses to friends and family.  Selling away the excess items helps to support my love for novelty and quality!

Spanish saffron, “The Gathering of Saffron”

At the moment, I have Spanish saffron from “The Gathering of Saffron” for sale.  This is a reliable brand that has been established since 1880.  It is Select Grade saffron, top of the range from the brand.  Many brands market their Spanish saffron as top-grade or “coupe”.  However it is only saffron labelled as Grade 1 that has fulfilled international guidelines ISO 3632.  ISO 3632 qualifies saffron based on its levels of Crocin (colouring property), Safranal (aroma) and Picrocrocin (flavour).  To understand how Select Grade compares, my supplier has sent this batch of saffron for laboratory tests.

Tests reveal that the Select Grade saffron from this brand exceeds ISO requirements.  Further analyses estimates it to be 2.9 times stronger than ISO 3632 Grade 1 saffron.
Download and read the report here.

“The Gathering of Saffron” brings you deep-red saffron whole threads, in a lovely vintage golden tin.
Choose from two size quantities:

2-gram tin     120 SEK  or  12 SGD
5-gram tin     250 SEK  or  50 SGD

Postage within Sweden costs 12 SEK.
I reside in Sweden currently.
Contact me with regards to overseas shipping rates.

Organic and Fair Trade Madagascan bourbon vanilla beans

We are all familiar with vanilla, aren’t we?  I believe it is one of the first flavours we were introduced to as children in ice creams, milk shakes or candy.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to shop Fair trade vanilla.  Though the vanilla bean is the second most expensive spice in the world, after saffron, vanilla bean farmers seem to have it tougher than saffron farmers.  In a recent year, vanilla bean farmers received as little as 5 USD per kilo of beans (that’s anywhere between 200-400 beans, depending on quality).  Before these farmers move on to another cash crop (like cocoa bean farmers who would rather grow rubber), let’s vote with our dollars and patronize Fair Trade products — especially our beloved vanilla bean!

I assure you that these vanilla beans are fresh, soft, plump and boasts a minimal 1.6% vanillin level.  Organic vanilla beans do carry a different flavour: more earthy and… full, is what my limited vocabulary can muster!  Would you like to know how to best store vanilla beans?

I would like to encourage more folks to experience real, ethical vanilla.  These lovely beans are for sale a little less than the (non-organic, non-Fair Trade and dried-out) vanilla bean in your nearest Swedish grocer:

1 – 4 beans     20 SEK    or   4 SGD per bean
5 beans          80 SEK    or  16 SGD
10 beans       150 SEK  or   28 SGD

Postage within Sweden costs 12 SEK.
I reside in Sweden currently.
Contact me with regards to overseas shipping rates or orders of larger quantities.


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