It’s one thing to clean your jars, but how does one sterilize and deodorize them?  Baking jars in the oven is the simple answer!


How to bake your jars:

Unscrew the lids and place jars upside down on a grill rack in a cold oven.  (This helps the warm air to rise up into the inside of the jars when baking.)

Turn up the heat to 150 degree celsius.  When the temperature has stabilized, let the jars bake for another 10 minutes.  (Some say it is okay to turn off the heat once the oven has reached 150 degree celsius.)

Turn off the oven and cool off the jars. (If you have not removed jar labels, some tend to fall off after baking!)


How to boil jar lids:

Place lids in a sauce pan, fill with adequate water to immerse lids well.  (Remember, some of this water will boil away later.)

Cover the pan lid and boil for 10 minutes.

I like to remove the jar lids while they are hot, with a pair of tongs.  Shake off excess water and lay them out to dry.  (They dry up quickly while warm.)

Now your jars and lids are ready for your homemade jams and preserves!


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